Nepal secret is open, Ex-IG Kharel launches Open Secret book


Former Chief of Nepal Police Mr. Achyut Krishna Kharel has accused that ‘over politicization’ of the Nepal police administration has made the Police unable to curb trans-border criminal activities being carried out from Nepali soil.

“The nexus between crime and politics has made the investigation of trans-border criminal activities more difficult and complex. After the advent of democracy in 1990, politicization of police administration began in earnest and this in turn has impeded the independent functioning of the police administration”, he lamented.

He further accused the government for allocating inadequate budget for the police administration.

“Nepal police if functioning without having adequate budgetary allocation, modern technology and sophisticated equipment, the administration can’t function in a desired manner, Kharel waraned.

Nepal police is at the lowest mark in the possession of modern technologies and equipment and what it now possesses all have become more or less useless in the changed context, Kharel added.

Mr. Kharel made these remarks, 26 July, 2012, while lunching a book entitled ‘Open Secret’ authored by promising young journalist Mr. K.P. Dhungana in Kathmandu.

Commenting on the book of Mr. Dhungana, Chairman of Federation of Nepali Journalist Mr. Shiva Gaunle said the book has concluded that Nepal’s criminal justice system has nearly become extinct with the manipulation and penetration of actors of trans-border criminal activities in the Nepali political system itself.

“The book has accurately pointed that not only the citizens of Nepal, but the sovereignty of the country and also that of Nepali nationalism has also been threatened by the maneuvering of the performers of trans-border crime in Nepal’s politics,” he concluded.

Reports have it that , Nepal PM Bhattarai was to launch the book, however, the contents of the book somehow or the other presumably shook the PM from within and thus he preferred not to keep his promise for the launching of the said book. The book must be an interesting and juicy one, it is hoped.